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Request for Proposals… what you should really include!

RFP (Request for Proposals)….what is it?

If you have ever planned an event and submitted an RFP you know it can be confusing. An RFP is nothing more than a Request for a Proposal from a hotel, CVB (Convention and Visitor Bureau), event space, or other vendors.

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4 Basic Steps to Venue Selection

How To Select Your Venue 

Where you have your event can be one of the most important aspects of the event planning process. When looking at venue selection you have to look at a number of different aspects in order to make your event a success.

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Social Media and your Events

What’s  the buzz about…..

There is no getting around it social media is here to stay! Not only is it part of our everyday lives but now it is ingrained in our events as well. In order to make your event a success, you need to put together a social media plan well before your event starts.

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7 Steps To Maintain Relationships with Donors

Have you ever donated to an organization, and then received an influx of mail from the organization? The mass communications make many donors wonder if their entire donation went to printing and postage. There is a balance between maintaining the relationship with a donor, and driving them to an alternative organization.

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6 Hidden Costs To Look For

Those Pesky Hidden Costs of an Event!

hidden costs

We have all been there! It may have been a Board Dinner or your Annual Conference. One minute you are sitting at the table enjoying a lovely dessert of chocolate pot de crème with a toasted caramel sauce and the next you are in shock over the bill!

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Social Media is Awesome….

social media

It’s awesome until you look at the clock and it’s 3 AM

We all have this push-pull relationship with social media, it can give you quick hits of information/fluff that we are looking for, or sometimes we get sucked down the rabbit hole and lose hours of time.

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Apple Pay now taking donations

Of course just after I publish my last post (after a hiatus I am sorry about) I come across an article that is perfectly related.  So this week I give you two blogs for the price of one.

There is a great article over at Digital Trends “

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Hashtag giving



What the heck is that? If you are new to the NPO world, or you have been living under a rock, let me introduce you to #GivingTuesday

Five years ago (2012) 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation started the hashtag GivingTuesday,

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A Shrinking Pot?

Radio Timephilanthropy

I was listing to NPR the other day as I drove around and there was their story on disabled veterans and how a good deal of funds for these individuals comes from the NPO sector.  The concern was how the funds from these 40,000 charities might be decreasing.

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Control at your event


At the end of the day we all want it, we all need it, and the day of your event it seems always to be elusive. The place that seems to be the biggest black hole of control is speakers. At most events,

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