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Giving Tuesday 2018

It’s coming up

A Global Giving Movement | November 27, 2018


For those that think they have nothing to give, what about you unused Rewards Miles/ Points. Here is a quick link to how to do it.


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Speaker: Testing..1…2…3

What’s in a Speaker?!
Who to get

Almost every event has at least one Speaker. Even if it is just the person that is opening the event or the one that is reading off raffle tickets. You still have someone that is the “face” of the event and that can make a lasting impression on your attendees…  

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How to Win the Internet Today….and Everyday

Social Media and how to use it the other 364 days a year!

social media logosWe all know that social media is key to engaging our attendees in events. It is where attendees can go for up to date information from everything to room changes to dress code.

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Think About How You Are Recycling at Your Event

recycling banner

Going Green isn’t going away and now is the time to bring it to your conferences! During the recession, the issue of sustainability wasn’t as prevalent but it has come back with a force. Many companies even have Green Practices or Green questions as part of their RFPs.

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What Are You Wearing

What are you wearing?

It’s the age-old questions… what are you wearing? We probably ask this question dozens of times throughout the month but how many times do we think about it for events? Yet, the wardrobe of you and your staff isn’t something that you should ignore.

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What’s is a tchotchke?



ˈCHäCHkə/ noun informal
noun: tchotchke; plural noun: tchotchkes; noun: tsatske; plural noun: tsatskes
  1. 1.

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Whew we Survived!!!


Congrats you survived your event and everyone on your team is still alive and moving! I know all you want to do is crawl into your comfortable bed and sleep for a month but unfortunately,

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Disasters and how to recover from them

Did that just happen?oh my god

We have all heard the horror stories of epic disasters that happen at events. Everything from having a hurricane take off a roof at a convention center to having a flood in the ballroom that destroys everything. Just remember these things when you are stressing about your appetizers not coming out on time or having issues with the rooming list.

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Emergency Event Plans (EEP)

Emergency Event Plan

Emergency Event Plan

Today’s blog topic is a serious one and a topic that you would probably prefer to avoid. Unfortunately, in today’s world, we can’t avoid the need to have an Event Emergency Plan (EEP). You and your staff must know what to do if a fire breaks out,

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Contracts Can Be Scary

scary ghostBOO




contracts, legal contracts, fundraising contracts


Let’s be honest none of us are lawyers and most of us don’t have legal departments to review all of our contracts. Contracts (aka agreements) can be daunting, confusing,

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