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Social Media is Awesome….

social media

It’s awesome until you look at the clock and it’s 3 AM

We all have this push-pull relationship with social media, it can give you quick hits of information/fluff that we are looking for, or sometimes we get sucked down the rabbit hole and lose hours of time.

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Apple Pay now taking donations

Of course just after I publish my last post (after a hiatus I am sorry about) I come across an article that is perfectly related.  So this week I give you two blogs for the price of one.

There is a great article over at Digital Trends “

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Hashtag giving



What the heck is that? If you are new to the NPO world, or you have been living under a rock, let me introduce you to #GivingTuesday

Five years ago (2012) 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation started the hashtag GivingTuesday,

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A Shrinking Pot?

Radio Timephilanthropy

I was listing to NPR the other day as I drove around and there was their story on disabled veterans and how a good deal of funds for these individuals comes from the NPO sector.  The concern was how the funds from these 40,000 charities might be decreasing.

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Control at your event


At the end of the day we all want it, we all need it, and the day of your event it seems always to be elusive. The place that seems to be the biggest black hole of control is speakers. At most events,

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Keeping it Real- Charitable Information Services

3d person character sitting on a question mark. 3d render illustartion

What are Charitable Information Services?

Who is your group? What do they do? How do they use their funds? These are just some of the questions that people want to know about your organization. Charitable Information Services provide these answers. Your Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) should be sure that information is correct and shows your mission in an accurate way.

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7 Regulations to Review Before Your Event

Covering the (Regulation)Basescover-your-basesPlanning for Your Event


I am not a lawyer; I am not a tax specialist, or an accountant or anything like that. I do have a graduate degree, but it is not in finance or law (see disclaimer at bottom).

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One of these things is not like the others,


appleOne of these things just dosesn’t belong

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Now of the things I find myself telling my clients a lot is, “there are always exceptions” or,“ ish.”  I know that some people would love for me to give them the perfect answer,

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So I have not posted in a few weeks. I would like to tell you some brilliant story as to why, but it comes down to a time/ internet connection issue. I was short on time and then in areas where the data signal was…..lacking. Lack of sleep may have also been a factor…..Who is to say?

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A Picture Tells A 1000 words



I was working on the minutes from one of my boards this AM, and I was using Office 356’s new SmartArt feature, and it made me think about how sometimes a graphic or picture can be so much stronger than text.

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