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2020 Has Been Quite A ______ Year

Now is the time to learn what you and your colleagues experiences in 2020. The good the bad, the ugly, and let that guide you into 2021.

Events and COVID-19 aka Coronavirus

image COVID-19 of virus itselfCOVID-19 Virus

So what’s new and exciting?

This is how I start a lot of my conversations with people I have not spoken to in a bit. I am guessing that you probably have some stuff going on these days.  Regardless of the size of your NPO or its geographic location,

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Don’t Take My Word For It….

I posted a blog I wrote a while back about donor centered fundraising. One of the key aspects is donor retention is cheaper then donor acquisition.

Just saw this article about how
Recurring Nonprofit Donors Are More Valuable than Their Gifts

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NPO Tax Policy

A great read for all my NPO’s out there. Or accountants who deal with NPO taxes. Fun Stuff!!!


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Guest Blog Post!

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Giving Tuesday 2018

It’s coming up

A Global Giving Movement | November 27, 2018


For those that think they have nothing to give, what about you unused Rewards Miles/ Points. Here is a quick link to how to do it.


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Speaker: Testing..1…2…3

What’s in a Speaker?!
Who to get

Almost every event has at least one Speaker. Even if it is just the person that is opening the event or the one that is reading off raffle tickets. You still have someone that is the “face” of the event and that can make a lasting impression on your attendees…  

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How to Win the Internet Today….and Everyday

Social Media and how to use it the other 364 days a year!

social media logosWe all know that social media is key to engaging our attendees in events. It is where attendees can go for up to date information from everything to room changes to dress code.

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Think About How You Are Recycling at Your Event

recycling banner

Going Green isn’t going away and now is the time to bring it to your conferences! During the recession, the issue of sustainability wasn’t as prevalent but it has come back with a force. Many companies even have Green Practices or Green questions as part of their RFPs.

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What Are You Wearing

What are you wearing?

It’s the age-old questions… what are you wearing? We probably ask this question dozens of times throughout the month but how many times do we think about it for events? Yet, the wardrobe of you and your staff isn’t something that you should ignore.

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